SMASH MEDIA is a Los Angeles based film production company designed to take projects from concept to completion. Headed by industry veterans Harry Winer and Shelley Hack, SMASH develops popular entertainment for television and film that have global appeal with an emphasis on compelling emotional content, unique, well-defined characters, and a memorable story. SMASH has assembled a team of creative and business professionals dedicated to finding innovative business models in a changing economic environment.

Harry Winer

HARRY WINER / President

Mr. Winer has played a prominent role in the entertainment business for the past twenty years. He directed the motion pictures SPACECAMP and HOUSE ARREST, has produced and directed 20 movies for television, directed two miniseries, four television pilots, and over fifty hours of series television. Mr. Winer’s work has garnered numerous nominations and awards including Golden Globe, Emmy and Christopher Award recognition. Mr. Winer earned a BA from the University of Michigan, an MFA from the University of Southern California School of Cinema, and an American Film Institute Directors Internship Scholarship from the American Film Institute.

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SHELLEY HACK / Co-President

Ms. Hack has worked in the film and television industry, on both sides of the camera, for over 25 years. Ms. Hack is best known to the public as the actress who starred in six feature films, twelve telefilms, and three television series, including “Charlie’s Angels”.

In 1997, Ms. Hack formed the Shelley Hack Media Consultancy. The consultancy worked internationally on television, film, and associated media projects in developing countries. Over a ten year period, Ms. Hack developed numerous television and film projects for foreign markets. She also spent two years working with the largest media conglomerate in Eastern Europe helping to develop and build the infrastructure for the largest state of the art film studio complex in the region.

Ms. Hack earned a BA from Smith College and an MBA from NYIT.