Feature Films

ERASEDHe’ll risk everything to save a stranger – his daughter.
ZOMBIE BLONDESWhen Hannah moves to a new high school, she learns that becoming a popular cheerleader is something to die for.
DRAGON KINGA modern day family of dragon hunters - dad, mom, 2 teens, gramps, and the family dog. Live action adventure in the spirit of THE INCREDIBLES and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.
THE DOORMANA troubled vet seeks refuge from the violence of war as a doorman only to find she must fight to defend her brother's family from a group of ruthless mercenaries.
MATA HARIA love story of intrigue, espionage, and eroticism about a woman who dared to be different.
NO RETURNLoyalty is never black and white
THE PRICEA race car driver struggles for one big win.
A LITTLE PUSHA young woman with cerebral palsy asks her dysfunctional family to help her find a boyfriend.