Citizens of the World

“Citizens of the World” is a song, a video documentary, and an international humanitarian vision. 

The performers, Pangea, consist of Flying Machines, (US), who created the song in collaboration with four international superstars: Khaled (Algeria/France), King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), Kailish Kher (India) and Cheng Lin (China). Together, these artist have a cumulative worldwide record sales of 73-million. The artists sang in five different languages.  

Smash Media developed this unique collaboration with Bassam Abdallah, CEO of EQUUS-WORLD, a global enterprise dedicated to creating media that builds bridges between people and cultures.  “EQUUS-WORLD is developing a global vision,” says Bassam Abdallah.  “These are times of conflict between people of divergent cultures.  Our dream is to show that the links between cultures are greater than their differences. ” 

The song was spearheaded by multi-platinum music and media producer Spencer Proffer. The music video and documentary was produced and directed by award winning filmmaker Harry Winer. Together these artists and producers not only created great entertainment, but history, and a new way of sharing music and media in the 21stcentury.  By coming together from around the world these artists prove the point expressed in the song - “no borders on our soul” - there truly are no borders that separate us when we come together to create something of beauty.

The music video for CITIZENS premiered on and It is now playing on PBS stations in over a million households around the US.



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